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Draft Beer Classic font

Click the image below for the Draft Beer Classic font

Draft Beer Classic font
Draft Beer Classic font

When choosing a font for your business, a key element to bear in mind is clarity. The downloaded font should be legible and readable. Legible fonts mean it is easy to distinguish one letter from another. This does not mean however that the font is readable. Good readability means the Draft Beer Classic font can be easily read when looking at blocks of copy.

Not all fonts are designed for legibility. Some fonts are meant to just stand out and be different. Fonts.com have tens of thousands of fonts to choose from. You can find the Draft Beer Classic font by clicking here.

Depending on your type of business, a legible font is probably what is needed. These are fonts that do not call undue attention to themselves when being read. The design might contain big features such as large, open letters, ample heights, and easily recognizable characters. In addition, they are not too light nor too bold.

For more information on Draft Beer Classic font and any other font, click here.