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The following plug-ins are currently available for TurboCASH. They can be purchased for 17 each from the TurboCASH Shop.
  1. Razor Accounting Servant
  2. TC Drill Down
  3. SQL Browser
  4. Dutch Bank Import
  5. XML Audit File Export
  6. TC Data Utility
  7. Pastel Converter
  8. QuickBooks Converter - in Beta Test - free download
Razor Accounting Servant
Add up to 300 users to your TurboCASH System
This plug-in enables you to share the data in your books with multiple users across a network or even over the Internet. With Razor you can create documents and transactions on remote machines and these can be updated to a central TurboCASH Server. Ideal for off site accountants or high volume users.
Razor Accounting Servant
TC Drill Down
Want to get to the heart of your data? Want to be able to create custom reports in Excel or OpenOffice Calc fast?
Then the TC Drilldown will help you. It has the ability to group, sort and filter all the transactions in a Set of Books with only a few mouse clicks and is very powerful. If you have problems with your data (eg wrong entries) you need to know what amount on what account needs to be corrected. The TC Drilldown will help you hunt this entry with the help of its ophisticated filter and order features.
TC Drill Down Screenshot
SQL Browser
If you are more of an expert than the average user and you know how to write SQL (Structured Query Language) then you will love the SQL Browser. Even if you do not fully understand the details or file structure of TurboCASH, you can also use this SQL Browser as a filter and sorting utility.
Make any valid SQL query and run it. The return or result of your SQL rows can be grouped, filtered and sorted with just a few mouse clicks. This SQL browser also allows drag and drop features, which make it easy to work with. Anything can be exported to the XML (Extensible Markup Language), HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), Microsoft Excel, or a Text File format. This powerful tool will empower you to produce your own custom view of your data in TurboCASH. This plugin is developed by P Valentijn of Delphidreams in the Netherlands.
SQL Browser Screenshot
Dutch Bank Import
Importing Bank statements will save you error-prone data entry and gives you the ability to check your bank account so that nothing will pass without being noticed. This plugin allows you to import transactions in Bank Statements in a comma separated value format (*.csv) or a fixed length format. Before you can use this option, you need to have created bank accounts in your Set of Books. This plug-in is developed by P Valentijn in the Netherlands. Bank Import Screenshot
XML Audit File Export
The XML Audit file export is the standard for exporting your data (General Ledgers, Debtors, Creditors and Transactions into the XML (Extensible Markup Language) file format. It is based on XBRL which is the most commonly used export standard of financial software. This is currently used in the Netherlands to export the necessary data to the Tax authorities. Even if you do not export to the Netherlands Tax Authorities, this program can be very helpful to you. If data is exported in this format, other programs can import a file in this format. For example, in the Netherlands, you do not have to retain a full working copy of your accounting software anymore if your records have been saved in this format after your tax year. Should the Tax Officers want to check a businesses books, this file is usually handed to them. Previously, a business would have been obliged by Dutch law to have a working version of the businesses' old accounting software as well as the data for the tax year which they want to check. With the updates of software and computers, this can be a big issue. The Dutch are a leader in this technology, but other countries will soon follow. This plug-in is developed by P Valentijn in the Netherlands. XML Audit File Export Screenshot
TCData Utility
If you are more of an expert than the average user and you know the details or file structure of TurboCASH, you can also use this Utility to explore the data in any selected Set of Books in TurboCASH. This is a must have for consultants.
You may select any table in a Set of Books to view and analyse the data. It also includes utilities to fix data sets and to unpost posted batches, etc. Note that this utility should only be used by advanced users.
TCData Utility Screenshot
Pastel Converter
Convert the data in a Pastel Version 5.2 Set of Books to TurboCASH. You need only create reports, repeating batches and repeating invoices again.
Quickbooks Converter
Convert the data in a QuickBooks Set of Books to TurboCASH. TurboCASH will read the data on the QuickBooks and will automatically convert the data files of QuickBooks to TurboCASH. You only need to create reports, repeating batches and repeating invoices again.
NB: This plug-in in beta-test at the moment - we welcome Quickbooks users to give us data to work with on this one. Please contact Pieter on pvalentijn@turbocash.nl for a FREE conversion.