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£8500 (93000 Rand) Appeal

Last year sponsors kindly supported my running of the Rotterdam Marathon and donated a very generous £22,500 including gift aid. Every penny went out to the Soul of Africa charity and the money is helping build the 2nd Khulani orphanage at this moment. You can read all about the Charity on the website www.khulani.org.

I have been out to inspect the project myself and Lance Clark of the JAC Trust has recently returned very enthused by what he saw.

Injury has prevented me running this spring but I hope you will help us again. Soul of Africa has been approached by North Crest the primary school behind the new orphanage where our under 12’s attend. The school depends on charging fees (3000 Rand annually) to provide basic amenities. 31 of the children are aids orphans staying with family totally unable to pay the fees. I enclose an edited copy of the letter from Mrs Cunningham, the head mistress, including details of 44 of the poorest children.

Initially donations will be paid to the JA Clark Charitable Trust, a UK registered charity (No.1010520), who will undertake to pass the funds, together with any attaching tax repayment, to Soul of Africa/Khulani.

Gift Aid for UK taxpayers who have paid enough tax to cover the sum reclaimed from the Inland Revenue turns every £100 into £128. You must give your details below in full:

Name Surname Address Postcode Gift Gift aid
Joe Bloggs 55 Cresent Rd, London SW1 3PJ £200 Yes

Please make cheques out to JA Clark Charitable Trust and send with this form to:

Khulani Appeal
43 Parliament Hill
United Kingdom

Khulani Children's Shelter Trust, has a South African non-profit organisation number 024-573-NPO and tax-exempt status number 930012721





North Crest Primary School is situated on the border of Durban North and caters for learners from the previously disadvantaged communities around Durban (Kwa-Mashu, Ntuzuma, Inanda etc)

The school has served this community for the past 13 years (since 1992)

– Promoting and achieving an excellent culture of teaching and learning
– Achieving excellent results in both the academic arena and the sports field and in cultural activities
– Encouraging learners to become community minded with our environmental, and community outreach programmes.

To maintain reasonable standards the school has always charged a nominal school fee to cover the costs not covered by the government. However, with the Aids pandemic and rising unemployment we are seeing more and more of our learners becoming orphans or living in destitute families unable to contribute to school fees.

If we want to continue offering excellent education at North Crest Primary we will need to find sponsorships for these learners or sponsorship for projects at the school which our already stretched budget cannot meet.


The following is a list of the children who have no parents or whose parents are unemployed (due to the economic circumstances in S.A.) or have fallen prey to the HIV virus and are too ill to maintain their jobs.School Fees are R3000.00 for the year 2006. These children are not able to pay them.

Sihle M – Orphan, lives with Grandmother who is a domestic worker
Mbali Duduzile M – Orphan, Grandmother is a pensioner
Zamokuhle N – Orphan, lives with Grandmother who is a domestic worker
Antony N – Orphan, lives with Grandfather, who is a gardener
Ayanda D – Mum passes away, lives with Grandmother who is a pensioner earning R800pm
Slindile Li – Mum unemployed receives R180.oopm grant
Oyama M – Orphan, lives with grandfather who is a pensioner earning R800pm
Thobeka N – Orphan, living with Grandmother who is a pensioner earning R800pm

Mbali K – Orphan, living with Grandmother who is a Domestic Worker
Velile N – Mum very ill, not employed
Happy N – Lives with Grandmother, mum ill with cancer

Yolanda Mi – Orphan, grandmother is a Domestic Worker
Zukile N – Mum unemployed, waiting for a grantAndisa
Marvin N – Orphan, Grandmother is a pensioner
Nothando D – Financial problems

Kwazi N – Orphan, lives with Grandmother
Tsepo N – Orphan, Lives with Grandmother
Lebo S – Both parents unemployed
Nokukhanya T – Father unemployed
Sikanyiso K – Mother unemployed, financial problems
Sboniso M – Mother unemployed
Kenney M – Orphan, lives with Grandmother who is very ill
Lebohang S – Both Parents unemployed
Mlungisi M – Both Parents unemployed
Nhlankipho Mi – Orphan, lives with Grandmother
Sphesihle N – Orphan, lives with Grandmother who is a Domestic Worker
Junior N – Orphan, lives with Grandmother

Thobeka D – Mother is ill
Thabile M – Mother unemployed, lives with mother
Siphamandla M – Mother very ill, not working
Slindokuhle M – Orphan, grandmother very ill
Mpumelelo N – Ophan
Londiwe N – Father receives disability grant
Nandi H – Orphan, Grandmother receives grant
Simphiwe K – Orphan, lives with aunt
Lindokuhle M – Mother is a domestic worker who works three days a week
Ayanda M – Orphan, lives with Grandmother who is sick
Mandisa M – Mother is a single parent with financial problems
MMnelisi S – Orphan, lives with Grandmother

Lethukuthula C – Father is a pensioner, mother is unemployed
Smangaliso D – Mother is unemployed lives with Grandmother
Zama Pamela K – Father is very ill and cannot work
Nomakhwezi Z – Mother passes away, father very ill in hospital
Nokwanda D – Single Mother, collecting a grant
Mbalenhle K – Both Parents unemployed
Thandeka Arden M – Mother unemployed
Sibusiso M – Mother is a Domestic Worker
Nolwazi N – Father is very ill – financial problems
Nosphiwe N – Father very ill

Mbali G – Mum very ill
Zukiswa J – Mum unemployed

What does our school fee pay for?

The Department has cut down the number of teachers from 17 teachers in 2005 to 16 teachers in 2006 that means the School Governing Body will have to pay for 4 extra teachers as we have 20 classes. Our school didn’t receive any maintenance assistance from the Department this year. We had to find money to pay for these ongoing additional expenses. Beside paying for electricity, water, telephone, stationery, textbooks, cleaning materials, educational materials and equipment, maintenance of grounds etc. The list is endless.

As you can see we need all the help we can get. Thank you for considering our request.

Kind Regards__________________