Help System

Help File can be launched from anywhere in the TurboCASH program if you press the key on your keyboard. The Help File contains 570 topics, 1000 pictures and over 6300 links to access related topics. The pictures in the Help File is interactive, e.g. if the mouse pointer moves over a picture, some text will be displayed and if you click on some areas of a picture the related topic or next step will simulate the action of a button, etc. Links to launch your e-mail application as well as links to important web site addresses are also included for your convenience. There are 4 main options available to manage and locate Help Topics in this Help File, i.e.:

  1. Contents - similar to a Table of Contents in a printed book.
  2. Index - similar to an Index in the back of a printed book
  3. Search - define and filter your search criteria with this powerful search engine.
  4. Favourites - manage your own list of bookmarks.