Create a Copy of a Set of Books

TurboCASH includes templates (Sets of Books) which you may use to create a fully functional Set of Books in minutes. Once a Set of books is created, you only need to confirm and change the settings (if necessary), print the Chart of Accounts add new accounts, delete accounts or amend accounts, if necessary), add your debtor accounts, creditor accounts and stock items if you trade in stock items.

The Creation Wizard will guide you through the process to create your own Set of Books. The following 4 options is available:

  1. Copy an existing Set of Books - create your own new Set of Books as an exact copy of an template (Set of Books).
  2. Let TurboCASH help you to create a Set of Books - once a template (Set of Books) is selected, and you create your own, some setup screens on which you need to confirm the basic settings will automatically be launched.
  3. Customise your own Set of Books - this option is only recommended for advanced users.
  4. Convert from Pastel version 5.2 - convert a Set of Books in Pastel version 5.2 to this version of TurboCASH.