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Monkey virus removal - Antivirus


Top-Selling Products Anti-virus software from Norton


The Monkey virus can be scanned for and eradicated using antivirus software. Anti-virus software prevent and remove viruses, including worms and trojan horses. They may also detect and remove spyware and other types of malware. There are various anti-virus software packages that will remove the Monkey virus.

Anit-virus software uses various strategies to eradicate viruses such as the Monkey virus. They use signatures - which means searching for known malicious patterns in the executable virus code. Of course, these can only be created after the virus has already been distributed and infected millions of machines. To counteract this, anti-virus software commonly tries to indentify potential virus threats, which in rare cases can result in false positives.

Some anti-virus software scans continuously, which means you are always protected against known computer viruses.

Anti-virus software such as Symantec, employs various methods to identify viruses such as the Monkey virus:

1) Signature based detection (most common) - identifies viruses and other malware by comparing file contents to a virus signature
2) Malicious activity detection - the anti-virus software looks for suspicious program behaviour eg format C drive
3) Heuristic-based detection - used to identify unknown viruses (like no 2). This can be done by searching a file for virus-like instructions, or executing a program in a virtual environment and logging the actions the program makes.

Symantec anti-virus software is the de-facto standard for removing viruses. Norton anit-virus software can remove the Monkey virus.

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